Renewable Energy; the Best Alternative Form of Energy


Due to the rising costs of fossil fuels and the major threat of Climate Change, Renewable Energy is increasingly becoming an important issue. An increase in demand of renewable energy has risen due to positive improvements in this field including improvements of its efficiency as well as diminishing prices.

Australia is one of the most exciting places to venture into renewable energy industry because of its abundant wind, sun, biomass and even tidal waves hence providing numerous investment opportunities for people with interest in the renewable energy industry.

Different Kinds of Renewable Energy.

1. Solar Power

This is the most popular and fastest growing form of alternative energy. It uses solar cells that relies on photo voltaic effect to absorb photon and convert them into electrons thereby generating electricity. Another form of solar power is solar thermal powers that uses solar concentrators to concentrate a large area of sunlight. Where grid power is inconvenient, solar power is inexpensive and is also efficient. Australia’s largest cities are leading the way in this area, with uptake of solar panels melbourne and sydney soaring over the last few years.

2. Wind Power

This alternative form of energy has been in use for thousands of years. In the past years it was used to push sails and even generate pressure for water pumps. Wind can be harnessed to generate electricity by converting wind turbines and it is most reliable and steady since it is consistent from year to year hence it forms a reliable source of energy. (More about Wind Energy)

3. Biomass

Biomass uses plant matter and animal waste to create electricity. These organic matter include dead trees and branches, wood chips biofuels and yard clippings. Newer methods of generating electricity through organic matter are focused on little pollution like emission of lesser carbon dioxide. Clean burning fuels which are alternative forms of oils and gases are produced through biological processes unlike fossil fuels that use geological processes. Some of the common fuels associated with biomass are bioethanol created by fermenting carbohydrates and biodiesel generated from oils and fats.

4.Nuclear Power

This is an alternative form of energy generated from atomic nuclear. Some of the methods used to generate this form of energy is nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and radioactive decay. Scale reactors do produce energy that is used to heat water to produce steam that is then used to generate electricity. It reduces carbon emission and the dependence on foreign oil since it is a renewable energy.


It uses flowing water to turn turbines that then do generate electricity by making use of the gravitational force of falling water to generate hydropower. Small scale hydro power systems are normally installed in small rivers while large scale are installed in dams and large rivers.
The Most Popular Forms of Renewable Energy.Some of the most popular forms of renewable energy are; -solar power, -wind power, -hydroelectricity -biomass. This is because all these forms are least expensive, efficient and also they are all environmentally friendly. There are positive improvements in this sectors to ensure there are minimal pollution.


Upcoming Technologies.

1. Spherical Solar Power Generators – They convert solar energy into electricity during day time, night hours and even in low-light regions thereby making it more reliable.
2. 3D Printed Solar Trees – They have got leaves that store solar energy and can be used to power small appliances like mobile phones. They also harvest kinetic energy from wind and changes in environmental energy.
There are many upcoming technologies in this industry, don’t be left behind, join the field and be among the multi-billion industries in this field majorly in Australia where alternative sources of energy are warmly welcomed.


What is Wind Energy?

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Solar Power- An Affordable and Natural Source of Energy

The solar power has been the ultimate source of energy that is freely available for mankind. This power is also known as renewable energy as the technology through which the power of the sun is being converted into electricity does not harm the environment around us. Below have been discussed some of the amazing facts …

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